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Do you consider yourself to be talented?
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Learn how to become an actor without  going to Acting Conservatory for 2 years and spending 50k in the process..
In our Miami Acting Classes you are going to learn everything you need to get started in the movie industry without the pains and struggles of not knowing where to start, how to gain confidence or how to act..
w/ Ralph Kinnard - Award winning Director 'Miami Love Affair', 'Recipe of Love' (now on Amazon and Itunes)
and Coach for Acting Classes
There are so many acting jobs !!

BUT most actors get lost in the process. WHY?
- You don't have Confidence
- You don't know what to say or do
- You don't know if you are good enough
- You don't know where to start
- You have NO videos, NO Headshots,

But that's not the end of the problem...
it actually gets worse...

Here's the Real Problem you're facing
You are scared that you'll look totally unprepared in your first Casting
You might even think there is no work (totally false) and you believe all the nay-sayers who don't believe it can be done.

And, worst of all: there are 50.000 hrs of new programming on Netflix alone - this is actually the best time in history to start as an actor
plus: most Castings are now done online anyway, so you can apply for jobs all over the US from home.

What we do differently:
- A Step by Step Guide on 'How to be an Actor'
- Film Movie Scenes every month and build your 'Reel'
- Gain Confidence and Understand the Process
- Discover Your True Potential As An Actor And Get Personalized Feedback
- Effortless Include Your Acting Career into Your Current Life
- How to  Avoid The Common Acting Mistakes That Kill Your Results
- Get The Same "Dirty Little Secrets" My Actors Have Been Using For Your Years To Book On Backstage, ActorsAccess, etc.

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