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  Ralph Kinnard is an award-winning actor’s director, with extensive work experience in three different countries and their cultures: Germany, the USA, and Venezuela. He has had an outstanding career as an acting coach and over the last 14 years has worked with talent from South America and the USA. Additionally, as a filmmaker, he is the winner of several prestigious awards. His latest feature “Miami Love Affair” starring the legendary Burt Reynolds was finished in 2017 and all other actors where students from the Miami Acting Studio. His first feature film “Recipe for love,” participated in 12 international festivals and received several award nominations, winning three as “Best Director” (L.A. Arpa Film Festival, NYC SF Festival, and Mexico International Film Festival).

Mr. Kinnard brings a unique global view to his projects. Born in Germany, where he began his studies, he moved to New York to study at the Lee Strasberg Institute, presenting theater productions. Continuing his education at NYU Film, he started in the field as an Assistant Director and PA in feature productions, among them Woody Allen’s “Celebrities”.  A job opportunity through international Latin soap icon Mimi Lazo changed his course to Venezuela, where he worked for several major Latin networks.

“A MI ME GUSTA” – “Recipe of Love” (Winner “Best Director” L.A. ARPA FILM FESTIVAL 2010, Winner “Mexico International Film Festival 2011, ”Winner “Best Foreign Film”, NYC Downtown Film Festival 2010, participating in Marche du Film del CANNES FILM FESTIVAL 2009.

The feature was also part of the official selection of the Calcutta Film Festival 2009,the Merida Film Festival 2009, the Havana Film Festival 2009 and the Margarita Film Festival 2009. He received the “MARA DE ORO” for best movie director in 2009).

Highlights of his career include working for Woody Allen (“Celebrities”) and BBC of London. He himself was part of the production of the Actor’s Studio “In search of Strindberg” in 1997. His unique aproach to teaching emotional intelligence and intuitive inteligence have made him a sought after keynote speaker for international companies such as Bayer, Kraft, Mastercard, Special Olympics and many others… Here is his website:

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Finding the right acting class for adults in Miami is complicated:

Are you looking for an acting class for Theater OR Film/TV?

Why do you want to join an acting class in Miami?

There are different acting class available and you need to define a specific goal, so that you can succeed in your acting class.

Is it just as a hobby?

If you are planning to work on TV and FILM, you need to pick an acting class, where you will work with cameras and where you shoot actual scenes.

Is the acting class you are looking at FUN?

Where you able to step by and watch a class or free? Don’t start with an acting class, if you were not able to watch the class for free FIRST.

Are the other students in your acting class interesting, charismatic and do they look and behave like actors?

Can you see any of the OTHER students in your acting class work on TV and Film?

… those are just a few questions to keep in mind, when picking your acting class !!