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Speaker Training - Welcome to the best speaker: YOU !

Learn Acting techniques to be the best speaker when you need the most! Are you nervous to go to that dream job interview? Do you get scared when you have to make a big presentation to your boss? Are you afraid of speaking in public?Guess what… Actors feel the same way before getting to stage, or to a casting, or shooting a movie scene. They learn how to deal with fear, to develop their “star quality” and emotional intelligence, but they also count on a director to guide them throughout the process. That’s why I created a unique Speaking Training for business professionals.
It will teach you how to leverage your unique personality to shine as a movie star when speaking. I have trained employees from Kraft, Procter & Gamble, Mastercard among others for the past 15 years.  I apply what I have been teaching Actors for years. You will develop a better way to communicate in general, and also will learn how to be Charismatic and to Influence others. Why my program is different? Because it is personal, and not generic and use years of Acting methods that are proven to work when people need the most: on public, on camera and on stage.  As I do with my actors students, my program will leverage your unique personality and what you already have. It doesn’t try to “fix” you. It unleashes your own charisma and helps you to deal with your fear in a personal way. Welcome to the best public speaker – You. 
Contact me directly for group training: ralph@miamiactingstudio.com

Need more info… see how the program works below.

Here is what I know : 1. Generalized, quick – fix, Speaker Trainings don’t work. You already have the content of your presentation, what you need is personalized DIRECTION, just like on a movie set, to get the most out of your natural charisma and presentation skills. 2. Audiences get excited about the HOW you deliver your content. If you have ever watched TED, you know that great speakers make any content exciting. 3. You need to create a CHARACTER as a speaker. It is not the regular ‘you’, that is up there. Regular ‘me’s’ are just not exciting enough.

What I can help you with:

 I can give you practical tools, to make the audience feel whatever you want. You can excite whoever is watching you and create a unique SPEAKER CHARACTER who is always exciting to watch. I am not inventing the wheel here, these are film and acting tools created by The Actor’s Studio and are used by most Movie Stars, but unless you go to Film School in New York or L.A., you won’t get this INSIDER information.This is what I specialize in and have been doing over the last 15 years.  I’m a Filmmaker and Acting Coach and I am able to get the best out of my actors and any professional speaker I have worked with. I ‘stumbled’ into the ‘Speaker World’ around ten years ago, when I was approached by one of the leading companies in Business Training (PCO’s International). They were curious, if I could teach their trainers, the same tool I use with my actors; how to influence any audience and how to turn anybody into an exciting speaker.After the tremendous success of the course, I started working FOR them and clients like Kraft, Procter, Mastercard, Deutsche Bank (I am German after all), Banco Santander, Allianz, El Universal and many more.

Here is the idea:

It’s not a paint-by-number course, that will get you to be outstanding. It’s a personalized coaching system where somebody who knows about emotional intelligence, dramatic structure and creating a character helps you to become an outstanding speaker.  I will get you personalized ‘movie – training’ and ‘upgrade‘ your SPEAKER CHARACTER to take advantage of your unique gifts (because that is really the reason why anybody would hire you).You will see the difference of our work in your next speaker engagement or on-screen presentation and what’s more important: your audience will come back for more. We only accept a limited amount of clients every month, so please only sign up, if any of there concepts and ideas ring true. ‘Break a leg’ ( as we say in the movies)

Ralph Kinnard

Private Coaching is available at our Studio in Wynwood or vía Skype - call 786.715.20.49 for more information or write ralph@miamiactingstudio.com

Ralph Kinnard is an award-winning actor’s director, with extensive work experience in three different countries and their cultures:

Germany, the USA, and Venezuela. He has had an outstanding career as an acting coach and over the last 14 years has worked with talent from South America and the USA and can be seen on ABC, NBC, E! Entertainment, Telemundo, Univsion etc. Additionally, as a filmmaker, he is the winner of several prestigious awards.

His latest feature, “A MI ME GUSTA,” participated in 12 international festivals and received several award nominations, winning three as “Best Director” (L.A. Arpa Film Festival, NYC SF Festival, and Mexico International Film Festival). Mr. Kinnard brings a unique global view to his projects.

Born in Germany, where he began his studies, he moved to New York to study at the Lee Strasberg Institute, presenting theater productions. Continuing his education at NYU Film, he started in the field as an Assistant Director and PA in feature productions, among them Woody Allen’s “Celebrities”.  A job opportunity through international Latin soap icon Mimi Lazo changed his course to Venezuela, where he worked for several major Latin networks, such as E! Entertainment, Venevision, and RCTV, among others. In 2005 he worked as Creative Director on the Launch of a new network in Venezuela called CANAL I.

His unique aproach to teaching emotional intelligence and intuitive inteligence have made him a sought after keynote speaker for international companies such as Bayer, Deutsche Bank, Banco Central Universal, Kraft, Mastercard and others...