Speaker Training

Acting Techniques for the Corporate World

Imagine giving presentations
without fear or anxiety and

entertaining your audience at every turn – just like we do in the movies.


Emotions are the reason why clients buy. 80% of all Sales Decisions are emotionally driven. Learn how to use Emotions as Sales Tools.


Since the 1960’s Method Actors have tools  to affect the audience at will. You will learn the same tools as an Oscar winning Actor.


Body Language, Emotions Transference and Presentation Strategies are part of a teachable and logical training anybody can aquire


No more anxiety, fear and stressful presentations – acting tools make ‘regular’ people ‘outstanding’. It simply works!


Group Training is every Monday Night from 6pm – 8pm. For more information and private caoching please write ralph@miamiactingstudio.com or call 786.715.20.49

Need more info… visit ralphkinnard.com

Ralph Kinnard is an award-winning actor’s director, with extensive work experience in three different countries and their cultures:

Germany, the USA, and Venezuela. He has had an outstanding career as an acting coach and over the last 14 years has worked with talent from South America and the USA and can be seen on ABC, NBC, E! Entertainment, Telemundo, Univsion etc. Additionally, as a filmmaker, he is the winner of several prestigious awards.

His latest feature, “A MI ME GUSTA,” participated in 12 international festivals and received several award nominations, winning three as “Best Director” (L.A. Arpa Film Festival, NYC SF Festival, and Mexico International Film Festival). Mr. Kinnard brings a unique global view to his projects.

Born in Germany, where he began his studies, he moved to New York to study at the Lee Strasberg Institute, presenting theater productions. Continuing his education at NYU Film, he started in the field as an Assistant Director and PA in feature productions, among them Woody Allen’s “Celebrities”.  A job opportunity through international Latin soap icon Mimi Lazo changed his course to Venezuela, where he worked for several major Latin networks, such as E! Entertainment, Venevision, and RCTV, among others. In 2005 he worked as Creative Director on the Launch of a new network in Venezuela called CANAL I.

His unique aproach to teaching emotional intelligence and intuitive inteligence have made him a sought after keynote speaker for international companies such as Bayer, Deutsche Bank, Banco Central Universal, Kraft, Mastercard and others…

Whether you are a CEO, work in SALES or are a team leader.. make any stage your stage and develop your presentation skills to engage: Use professional Acting Tools to create emotions in your audience.

Recognizing that every business venture, just like an operational stage, requires a great cast, a good story line, and stellar lead performances, we will bring modern movie and acting strategies to the business world.

In this workshop participants will get new insights and practical tools to improve their public speaking skills as well as their interpersonal relationships with clients and team members.

They will get to know concepts on how to use emotions effectively and appropriately in meetings and presentations to excite and motivate any audience.

Based on the world famous ‘Method Acting’ from the Actor’s Studio in New York, this workshop will teach how to leverage each unique personality when speaking.
The training will be a fully personalized experience tailored to your needs.

Here is what I know :

1. Generalized, quick – fix, Speaker Trainings don’t work. You already have the content of your presentation, what you need is personalized DIRECTION, just like on a movie set, to get the most out of your natural charisma and presentation skills.

2. Audiences get excited about the HOW you deliver your content. If you have ever watched TED, you know that great speakers make any content exciting.

3. You need to create a CHARACTER as a speaker. It is not the regular ‘you’, that is up there. Regular ‘me’s’ are just not exciting enough.