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Finding the right acting class for adults in Miami is complicated:

Are you looking for an acting class for Theater OR Film/TV?

Why do you want to join an acting class in Miami?

There are different acting class available and you need to define a specific goal, so that you can succeed in your acting class.

Is it just as a hobby?

If you are planning to work on TV and FILM, you need to pick an acting class, where you will work with cameras and where you shoot actual scenes.

Is the acting class you are looking at FUN?

Where you able to step by and watch a class or free?

Don’t start with an acting class, if you were not able to watch the class for free FIRST.

Are the other students in your acting class interesting, charismatic and do they look and behave like actors?

Can you see any of the OTHER students in your acting class work on TV and Film?

… those are just a few questions to keep in mind, when picking your acting class !!

It’s February and if you are still secretly dreaming about acting, just a quick reminder that there will be Christmas and Hanukkah this year.

By December you could be telling your friends and family a new and exciting story about your life: You are an actor, you have gone to a couple of auditions, you have booked maybe a commercial, a short film, a play and are thrilled you tried.

If that’s you – then today you need to get started!

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Make your life happen, because nobody else will!