Acting Class

From the desk of Ralph Kinnard:

I know from experience that the beginning is difficult and especially if you are picking an acting class:

Are you too old?
Is it too late?
Should you be trying this path?
Can you make a living as an actor?
Do you have enough talent?
Is it worth going to an acting class?

Maybe you should listen to your loving parents and just PICK A REASONABLE JOB for crying out loud!!

What I know is this:

If we don’t try out new stuff, we will waste the only thing that is really important: TIME.

You will be a year older in a year from now and you still will wonder ‘what if only I had the guts‘ every time you

watch the Oscars on TV and see a great movie.

I’ve got a lot of answers for all the questions above, but the only real question is: What do you have to lose?

I promise, you don’t have to quite your life…

We have done this for over 15 years and here is what works best and is a win-win for both of us:

The first class is free of charge to allow you to see if the Miami Acting Studio is right for you.

No pressure, no decision, just a thrill ride of acting.

(Classes are once a week, Tuesday 6pm – 8:30pm or Thursday 6:30pm – 9:30pm.)

So here is your door to a new world:

Call Sandra at 786.715.20.49 or sign up on the home page of this website

(which you should do anyway, just to get free information about acting etc.)

See you in a bit,

Ralph Kinnard

We offer  acting classes for beginners and professional actors from 18 – 65 yrs.

We are the  only studio in Florida that shoots real movie scenes, because you can only learn film acting if you work with a camera.

We also promote your work on Social Media (are you following us on Facebook? Have you watched the Scenes on Youtube?) to help you forward and we work with all Casting Directors and Agencies in the city.

Every month we pick new movie scenes and shoot professional looking scenes at the end of each month. It gives you the possibility to immediately promote yourself and FIND WORK as an actor: ONLY if you work with a camera

can you prepare yourself for the ‘REAL’ Acting World.

After your first 3 month we will put you in contact with Miami Agencies and teach you how to land Castings.

Our (over 1500) actors have appeared on : HBO, ABC, FOX, NBC, TNT, Telemundo, Univision, Globo and are seen around the world.

Sessions are Tuesdays 6pm – 8:30pm or Thursdays from 6:30pm – 9:30pm.

The curriculum is based on the techniques of Lee Strasberg (Actor’s Studio), “father” of modern acting and creator of “the Method” used by actors all around the Globe.

NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) and EI (Emotional Intelligence) are fundamental elements in this practical hands-on, full immersion course.

“Sense Memory”, Improvisations and Scene work based on modern American movies are the key elements to help actors find their place in the movie and television market.

Thinking of the actor as a product we personalize the course to give practical and direct advice on how you can take advantage of all resources at hand.

Questions? Talk to other actors when you come in.

Acting Classes       Classes for acting

The first acting class is free of charge to allow you to see if the Miami Acting Studio is right for you.

Finding the right acting class for adults in Miami or anywhere in the South Florida area is a difficult task, if you don’t know first, what kind of acting class you are looking for. Ask yourself the following questions when making a decision:

Are you looking for an acting class for Theater OR Film/TV?

Although the acting techniques are the same, the way you PRACTICE will be very different. One of the key problems when working on a movie or TV set is, that you have to know about working with the crew, cameras etc.

Why do you want to join an acting class in Miami?

There are different acting class available and you need to define a specific goal, so that you can succeed in your acting class.

Is it just as a hobby?

Do you want to lose your fear of public speaking or do you want to be a real, professional actor?

Do you plan on going to Castings and making money as an actor?

If you are planning to work on TV and FILM, you need to pick an acting class, where you will work with cameras and where you shoot actual scenes.

Is the acting class you are looking at FUN?

Where you able to step by and watch a class or free?

Don’t start with an acting class, if you were not able to watch the class for free FIRST.

Are the other students in your acting class interesting, charismatic and do they look and behave like actors?

Can you see any of the OTHER students in your acting class work on TV and Film?

Is the teacher / acting coach a professional who has or IS working as a director or Casting Director?

How close is you coach to the industry?

Is the information he is managing up – to – date ?

Will you work with cameras and are you able to get the material every month?

Is the material yours?

… those are just a few questions to keep in mind, when picking your acting class !!